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EA Sports UFC 4- CFL Fighter's Pledge  

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CFL Fighter's Pledge for EA Sports UFC 4

I will not act in an unsportsmanlike manner, such as disconnecting before a finish to a match, sending hateful or boastful messages to another player after a match, or lying about or fabricating results in my favor. I will report all of my wins and losses with truth and respect for the other competitors.

I will not deviate from this application in any way, such as changing styles before the beginning of a match or changing height, weight, or body style attributes before the beginning of a match. I understand that the only things that a may change between matches are cosmetic options. I understand that if these attributes are modified, I forfeit my right to winnings, and I must submit a new application for the modified fighter.

I will not wear upper body, head, or neck cosmetics. I understand that fighters may choose between any gloves and lower body cosmetics that are available to them, but fighters are to stay away from upper body cosmetics.

I will not create a fighter whom has racist or gang related imaging. I will not create a fighter with curse words or hate speech tattooed on their body. I will not create a fighter whom resembles a real life character or fighter. I will not create a fighter which infringes on a trademark from another franchise, video game, or other type of media.

It is my responsibility to defend against “spam” or “cheese” strategies. (Example: Crucifix mounting and “Jab-Straight” spamming) I will not whine or argue whenever I lose to these types of strategies, as they are available to me as well.

If a game-breaking glitch or bug occurs, I will, honorably, offer to restart the match. If my opponent does not do the same for me, I will not attack my opponent verbally or on any of the message boards, but I will inform a moderator and trust their decision-making ability.

By creating an account at and applying for a position as a fighter, I agree to conduct myself in accordance with this agreement. 

Posted : 14/11/2020 7:04 am
Commissioner Admin

All lower body gear is fair game for use. Gear can be changed between fights, as long as it is in accordance with the rules.

No above waist gear may be used. Violation of this rule may result in disqualification from events. The following are examples of acceptable attire and tattoos. 

During the fighter application, it is possible to attach a screenshot. Please make sure it is a full-screen shot of this screen:

Please do not change body type after sending in the application. Also, please do not remove tattoos. You may add tattoos or change acceptable gear at any time.

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Posted : 14/11/2020 7:34 am